UBS Help WebSite

On May 26, 2015 we will be putting an updated
version of UBS into Production

New UBS Features:
(see documents tab for powerpoint)
  • Password restrictions willl follow FDLE format
    • 8 characters:
      • 1 alpha upper
      • 1 numeric
      • 1 special character
      • will be prompted to change every 60 days
  • Menu Items have changed:
    • Copy Report
    • View
    • Print Preview
    • Delete
    • Remove Report
    • Logout (moved to upper right hand corner)
  • Search for defendants, co-defendants, charges and officers
    •  Uses a smart search mechanism
    • No more pressing a search button
    • Returns more information (partial search)
  • No longer have to close the dialogue box for waiting for case number, will go right into print preview
  • Printing is different.  It behaves like a browser behaves